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Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling | Volume 7

Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling

Table of Contents

Volume 7, 2018

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access 



Solution Thermodynamics and Preferential Solvation of Atenolol in {Ethanol (1) + Water (2)} Cosolvent Mixtures
- Pages 1-8
Abolghasem Jouyban, William E. Acree, Jr. and Fleming Martínez

Modeling of Synthesis of Aluminum Hydride via Binary Hydrides of Alkaline Earth Metals - Pages 9-13

U.M. Mirsaidov, M.Yu. Akramov, I.U. Mirsaidov and O.A. Azizov

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium at Several Experimental Conditions of the Binary Mixtures Methyl Lactate with n-Alkanols - Pages 14-20

Rubén Ezquerra, Alberto Latorre, Najla Ben Mahdoui and Carlos Lafuente


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