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jpg tmf ""Publishing with the International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition was a very pleasant and rewarding experience. The review and publication process feedback was precise, punctual and quick, and both me and my co-author were very satisfied with the quality of the procedure.”
Goran Livazović and Iva Mudrinić
Department for Pedagogy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek, Croatia, 07, May 2018.
jpg tmf "The editorial team gave a quick answers to all our questions. We very much aprreciated the reviewers fair and constructive feedback that helped the team to improve the manuscript. Looking forward for further collaboration.”
Marina Ruxandra Oțelea
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest, Romani, 07, May 2018.
jpg tmf It was my first time to contributing for the Journal of Intellectual Disability-Diagnosis and Treatment.The editorial staff provided excellent feedback and your publishing staff were efficient and profesional. The publishing process was fast and very efficient. I'm very satisfied and offer my sincere thanks to the publisher
Ria Dwi Ismiarti
Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia, 26, March 2018.
jpg tmf I was very happy to publish in this wonderful journal where the manuscript processing was super easy, all peer review steps were covered as planned and the journal answered all my query very quickly. I will surely publish my next article with Journal of Research on Global Economics soon.
Dr. Hisham Noori Hussain AL-Hashimy
College of Management and Economics/ University of Basra, Iraq, 08, March 2018.
Mirla tmf My article was recently published in Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling. The review was very constructive. The publishing process was fast and very efficient. I am very satisfied and offer my sincere thanks to the publisher.
MSc. Mirla Rodríguez
Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research, Venezuela, 20, August 2017.
Mohamed-Mokhtar tmf It was my first time contributing for the Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology.  Myself and the co-authors were impressed with the professionalism on editorial work and quick turnaround time for our paper. I will definitely submit more to the journal soon.
Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  07, December 2014
Dr-Gerry tmf I am honored to have Life Science Global publish my work in The Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics.  The editorial staff provided excellent feedback and your publishing staff were efficient and professional.  Life Science Global has earned my thanks and respect and I will definitely submit future manuscripts for publication.
Dr. Gerry Lane
Metabolic and Genetic Research Institute, Florida, USA  16, October 2014
oleskin tmf I enjoyed very much my communication with all  those involved in getting my article published in Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences. I definitely will try to produce more papers for  this important innovative scientific journal!.
Dr. Alexander Oleskin 
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia  26, August 2014
riverside tmf This is my first publication in the International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research. I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of the peer review and production of the manuscript.

Sowmya R Rao 
UMass Medical School, MA, USA  15, August 2014
Aydin tmf My article was recently published ‘Journal of Cancer Research Updates’. The peer review was fast and feedback was very constructive. I am also sending my next manuscript to Lifescience Global..

Dr. Aydin Sav
Acibadem University School of Medicine , Istanbul,  Turkey  04, March 2014
Untitled2 tmf I offer my sincere appreciation to the publisher . The publishing process was short and efficient . I am very satisfied and I am recommending “Journal of Analytical Oncology” and “Journal of Cancer Research Updates.
Simona Di Francesco
University G. D’Annunzio , Chieti-Pescara,  Italy  24, February 2014
Colleen M Berryessa tmf I am impressed with the Lifescience Global team and their prompt, courteous and professional services.  They were truly great with their editorial communication.  I would definitely publish with them again.

Colleen M. Berryessa
Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics, CA,  USA  14, February 2014
Yan tmf This is the first time I published my paper in Journal of Analytical Oncology. I am very satisfied with the efficiency of review and publication process and I am recommending Lifescience Global to my colleagues.

Yan Zhang
Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou,  China  12, February 2014
macyMarisa1 tmf I recently published an article in the Journal of Intellectual Disability – Diagnosis and Treatment. Editors provided insightful feedback to improve my paper. I look forward to submitting future work to this publication.

Marisa Macy
Lycoming College, PA,  USA  02, February 2014
Carl Chr Bachke tmf I am satisfied with the speed and academic seriousness the editorial board of the Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment. They have approached very professionally towards the content quality check of my article and provided great recommendations.
Dr Carl Chr. Bachke
University of Agder, Grimstad,  Norway  20, January 2014
Miklós-Somai tmf I was overwhelmed by the professionalism and fairness of the editorial team throughout the publishing process. I am very grateful for their excellent service and will definitely publish again with them.

Miklós Somai
Institute of World Economics, Budapest,  Hungary  02, January 2014
SKV 2013 tmf I am truly impressed with the professionalism and editorial process of Lifescience Global. It has been my best publishing experience so far. The production was very fast and of highest quality. I would highly recommend publishing with Lifescience Global.
Dr Sandeep Kumar Vashist
HSG-IMIT, Freiburg,  Germany  27, August 2013
Venant tmf Lifescience Global is simply fast, efficient and professional. My paper published in the International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research was done in a record time, while it has been in-press in another Journal for the past 2 years. My co-authors and myself are very impressed. We remain for ever grateful.
Dr. Venant Tchokonte Nana
Stellenbosch University, ZA, South Africa  27, August 2013

hamori tmf I enjoyed working with the Journal of Reviews on Global Economics.  I am very impressed with the professional attitude of the editorial team. I'm looking forward to publishing with Lifescience Global again.
Dr. Shigeyuki Hamori

Kobe University, Kobe, Japan  18, July 2013
starikov tmf I enjoyed the publication process with Journal of Applied Solutions Chemistry and Modeling and the time necessary for finalizing the publication is perfect. This is why I will submit my next manuscript(s) to this journal, as all this works fully at the level of international standards.
Dr. Evgeni B. Starikov 
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden  29, May 2013
Freedman tmf It has been a pleasure working with "Lifescience Global" who recently published a paper I wrote in the International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition.  Correspondence was timely, and the publication process was conducted in a professional manner.
Dr. .Marjorie R. Freedman 
San Jose State University, CA, USA  28, May 2013


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