Antonio Borghese - Profile

Born in Catania on 18/1/1944.

Degree in Biological Sciences on 18/11/1966 with points 108/110. Degree in Veterinary Medicine on 20/12/1969 with points 110/110. Professional qualification as veterinarian in 1970.

Teachers’ diploma in Animal Production in 1971.

Researcher in Istituto Superiore di Sanità (The First Health Institute) in Roma from 1/3/1967 to 15/9/1970, after that Officer in Veterinary Military Service until 31/3/1972

Researcher in the Animal Production Research Institute (Istituto Sperimentale per la Zootecnia) of Agricultural Ministry in Monterotondo (Rome, Italy) from 18/1/1973.

Research Director from 21/6/1983 of the Department of Animal Management and Reproduction, he coordinated many National and International project of research.

General Director of the same Institute from 1/3/1999 to 3/1/2001.

Director of Animal management and Buffalo Department in the same Institute until July 2009. Prof. Borghese coordinated many research projects as:

The cull cow as a beef producer (CEE,1980),

Development of goat livestock in Central Italy (1984-1987), Reproduction in goat breeds of South Italy(1986-1988),

Improvement of production and reproduction efficiency in buffalo species (Agricultural Ministry National project,1988-1992),

Reproduction in Animal Livestock (RAIZ, Agricultural Ministry National project, 1992-2000), Improvement in buffalo breeding and products (European Union and Lazio Region project,1994- 2001),

Biological Agriculture in Lazio Region (2000-2001),

Improvement and valorization of buffalo products (Agricultural Ministry PROBUF project,2003- 2007), Development of systems to increase production and quality in buffalo cows, heifers and young bulls (Agricultural Ministry MEZOO National project, 2005-2009).

Prof. Borghese is author or coauthor of 407 scientific publications and of 6 books. One of this, edited by himself, published by FAO in 2005 with title “Buffalo Production and Research,” is very known in international environment, translated in Iran , it is in FAO The last one, published on 2013, edited by himself and by CRA (Council of Research in Agriculture), with title Buffalo Livestock and Products, is in International Buffalo Federation website

He is the Editor too of the Bulletin 426/2008 of the IDF (International Dairy Federation): Milking Management of Dairy Buffaloes.

He organized many congresses, particularly in buffalo field and he was editor of many proceedings (Caserta 1997, Monterotondo, 2003).

He is the coordinator of FAO Inter-Regional Cooperative Research Network on Buffalo and the Editor of the Buffalo Newsletter, that is published two times/year and sent free of charge to 1600 scientists and Institutes.

He is the General Secretary of I.B.F. (International Buffalo Federation), that organizes every 3 years the World Buffalo Congress, every 3 years the Asian Buffalo Congress, every 3 years the Buffalo Symposium of America and Europe, each one in different years. The IBF organizes every two years the training course on Buffalo management and industry, more information and international projects to develop buffalo in the world.

He was teacher in the Specialist School of Animal Nutrition in Veterinary University in Naples (1992-93, 2001-02), in the University Diploma in Animal Production in Monterotondo with Agricultural Science University of Viterbo (1997-2000, 2000-2003) and in Velletri (2002-03,2003- 04,2004-05).

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