Journal of Buffalo Science | Volume 2 Number 2


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Volume 2 No. 2, 2013

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Quality Improvements in Public Livestock Services Delivery: Are Farmers Ready to Pay? An Inquiry in South India - Pages 56-62
G. Kathiravan and M. Thirunavukkarasu

Comparative Analysis of Molecular Structure, Function and Expression of Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Toll-Like Receptor 9 - Pages 63-71
Anju Manuja, Balvinder K. Manuja, Ranjit S. Kataria, Ramesh K. Sethi and Raj K. Singh

Production and Reproductive Performance of Bhadawari Buffaloes in Uttar Pradesh, India - Pages 72-77
B.P. Kushwaha, Sultan Singh, N. Das, S.B. Maity, K.K. Singh and J. Jayasankar

Some Hematological and Blood Biochemical Profile of Iraqi Riverine Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) During Different Gestation Periods - Pages 78-84
Talal A. Abdulkareem

Hypospadias in Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) Mediterranean Breed - Case Report - Pages 85-87
Rodrigo Volpato, Michelle S. Araujo, Stephane C.O.R. Vexenate and Eunice Oba

Estimation of Conformation Score in Relation to Body Measurements Using 3D Scanner in Swamp Buffaloes - Pages 88-94
C. Buranakarl, J. Indramangala, K. Koobkaew, N. Sanghuayphrai, J. Sanpote, C. Tanprasert, T. Phatrapornnant, W. Sukhumavasi and P. Nampimoon

Point Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Helminthiaisis in Buffaloes of Jammu, India- Pages 95-97
Muzaffar Rasool Mir, M.Z. Chishti, Majidah Rashid, S.A. Dar, Rajash Katoch, J.A. Kuchay and J.A. Dar

Effect of Heat Stress on Milk Production and Composition in Murrah Buffaloes - Pages 98-102
Hitesh N. Pawar, G.V.P.P.S. Ravi Kumar and Raman Narang

Fatty Acids in the Meat of Buffaloes Supplemented with Fish Oil - Pages 103-107
J.F. Cedres, E.M. Patiño, M.A. Judis, M. Sanchez Negrette, A.M. Romero, M.M. Doval, G. Rebak and G.A. Crudeli

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