International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition | Volume 1 Number 1


Table of Contents

Volume 1 No. 1, 2012

Open Access

A Theoretical Proposal for a Perceptually Driven, Food-Based Disgust that Can Influence Food Acceptance During Early Childhood - Pages1-10
Steven D. Brown and Gillian Harris

Nutrient Contribution of the Dinner Meal Consumed by Low-Income Minority Preschool Children - Pages11-22
Carol E. O’Neil, Theresa A. Nicklas, Sheryl O. Hughes and Yan Liu

Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Hypertension and Sleep in the Child - Pages 23-27
Jun Kohyama

What I say isn’t always what I do: Investigating differences in children’s reported and actual snack food preferences - Pages28-38
Sandra C. Jones, Lisa Kervin, Samantha Reis and Parri Gregory

Nutritional Risk Screening Tools in Hospitalised Children - Pages39-43
Vesal Moeeni and Andrew S. Day

Do Childhood Cancer Survivors Meet the Diet and Physical Activity Guidelines? A Review of Guidelines and Literature - Pages44-58
Fang Fang Zhang, Edward Saltzman, Aviva Must and Susan K. Parsons

Childhood Hearing Loss in the Developing World - Pages59-65
Claudine Störbeck

Do all Pediatric Urine Specimens Need to Go to the Laboratory? - Pages66-71
Syed Rehan Ali, Shakeel Ahmed, Sobia Nizami and Maqbool Qadir

Rejection of Known and Previously Accepted Foods During Early Childhood: An Extension of the Neophobic Response? - Pages72-81
Steven D. Brown and Gillian Harris

Moyamoya Disease, a Rare Cause of Recurrent Strokes in an African Sickle Cell Child: Does hydroxyurea have a Role in this Context? - Pages 82-85
A. Makubi, D. Soka and J. Makani


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