International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition | Volume 4 Number 3

International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

Table of Contents

Volume 4 No. 3, 2015

Open Access

The Prospective Assessment of Nutrition in Children with Cystic Fibrosis - Pages 129-134
Vesal Moeeni, Pardis Shojaee, Hamidreza Kianifar, Tony Walls, Phillip Pattemore and Andrew S. Day

Measles Vaccination among Children (12 to 23 Months) in IDPs Settlements of Khartoum State, Sudan - Pages 135-140
Fatima Elshikh Elhadi and Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim

A Study of School Lunch Food Choice and Consumption among Elementary School Students - Pages 141-150
Ping Hu Johnson, Deanne Gerson, Kandice Porter and Jane Petrillo

Potentials, Experiences and Outcomes of a Comprehensive Community Based Programme to Address Malnutrition in Tribal India - Pages 151-162
Vandana Prasad and Dipa Sinha

Developing an Instrument to Evaluate Psychosocial and Environmental Determinants of Parental Monitoring of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages - Pages 163-173
Paul Branscum and Alexandra Housley

Use of Donkey Milk in Cases of Cow’s Milk Protein Allergies - Pages 174-179
Paolo Polidori, Ambra Ariani and Silvia Vincenzetti

Impact of School-Based Interventions on Children’s Healthful Nutritional Outcomes (2009-2013): Implications for Future Research - Pages 180-193
Paloma Rohlfs Domínguez

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