Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics | Volume 1 Number 1


Table of Contents

Volume 1 No. 1, 2012

 ** All articles now availble with Open Access

Potatoes, Including French Fries, Contribute Key Nutrients to Diets of U.S. Adults: NHANES 2003-2006 - Pages 1-11
Marjorie R. Freedmanand Debra R. Keast

Muscle Dysmorphia: A Comparison Between Competitive Bodybuilders and Fitness Practitioners - Pages 12-18
Stefania Cella, Mara Iannaccone and Paolo Cotrufo

Gastro-Intestinal Complaints Related to Various Eating Behaviors - Pages 19-23
Nathalie T. Burkert, Franziska Großschädl, Johanna Muckenhuber, Éva Rásky, Willibald J. Stronegger and Wolfgang Freidl

Consummatory Taste Reward in Obesity - Pages 24-30
Jonathan B. Simon, Ghalia N. Abdeen, Alexander D. Miras and Carel W. le Roux

Major Classes of Phytonutriceuticals in Vegetables and Health Benefits: A Review - Pages 31-62
João Silva Dias

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), an Important Fatty Acid in Aging and the Protection of Neurodegenerative Diseases - Pages 63-72
Rodrigo Valenzuela, Julio Sanhueza and Alfonso Valenzuela

Malnutrition in Community-Dwelling Anorexia Nervosa Patients: Alterations of Physical and Laboratory Features - Pages 73-80
Maria Gabriella Gentile, Giulia Maria Manna, Laura Iaccarino, Luisa Cometto, Nicoletta Mariani and Chiara Lessa

A Quali-Quantitative Analysis of Food Advertising in Italian Chilldren's National TV Programming: Implications for School-Based Nutrition Educational Programs - Pages 81-85
Alberto Pellai, Marta Nobile and Cristina Luti

Clinical Ethics and Nutrition Support - Pages 86-90

Denise Baird Schwartz, MS, RD, FADA, CNSC


Prenatal Nutrition and Fetal Macrosomia in Medically Underserved Areas - Pages 91-95
Ute Inegbenebor and Maureen Ebomoyi

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