Journal of Coating Science and Technology | Volume 5 Number 3

Journal of Coating Science and Technology

Table of Contents

Volume 5 No. 3, 2018


* This issue includes papers published with Open Access



New Simple Modification of Dip, Spray and Cathodic Electrodeposition Coating Methods for Wire Coating (3D Coating) - Pages 70-78
Hisham R. Sadig, Li Cheng and Xiang Tengfei

Open AccessPlasma Cleaning of Metallic Mirrors from Carbon-Containing Films – New Possibilities for In Situ Monitoring of the Efficiency of Wall Conditioning in Fusion Devices
- Pages 79-84
V.S. Voitsenya, V.G. Konovalov, A.I. Timoshenko, S.I. Solodovchenko, I.V. Ryzhkov, A.F. Shtan’ and A.N. Shapoval

New Flame Retardant and Antimicrobial Paints Based on Epoxy Paint Incorporated by Hexachlorocylodiphosphazane Derivatives for Protective Coating - Pages 85-96
H. Abd El-Wahab, Salah A.A. Mohamed and Islam Gomaa


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