International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition | Volume 9 Number 4

International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

Table of Contents

Volume 9 No. 4, 2020

 * This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessDevelopment and Evaluation of an Automated Algorithm to Estimate the Nutrient Intake of Infants from an Electronic Complementary Food Frequency Questionnaire - Pages 148-155
Komal Manerkar, Jane Harding, Cathryn Conlon and Christopher McKinlay

Open AccessSevere Acute Malnutrition and Feeding Practice of Children Aged 6-59 Months in Pastoral Community, Afar, Ethiopia: Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study - Pages 156-163
Getahun Fentaw Mulaw, Bizunesh Fantahun Kase, Adebabay Dessie Manchilo, Bereket Lopiso Lombebo and Begna Melkamu Tollosa

The Relationship between Eating Behaviors of Children and Mothers, and Nutritional Status of Children - Pages 164-170
F.E. Gunes, S. Aktac, A.H. Islamoglu and G. Akduman

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Exclusive Breast Feeding Among Inhabitants of Ginjo Guduru Kebele, Jimma Town, Oromia Region, Ethiopia - Pages 171-187
Habtamu Gebresenbet

Central Precocious Puberty as a Sign of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Case Presentations
- Pages 188-190
R.L. Markosyan and L.V. Navasardyan

Determinants of Stunting among Children Aged 6-23 Months of Age in Pastoral Community, Afar Region, Ethiopia: Unmatched Case-Control Study - Pages 191-201
Getahun Fentaw Mulaw, Omer Seid Adem and Abate Bekele Belachew

Open AccessMinimum Acceptable Diet and its Predictors among Children Aged 6-23 Months in Mareka District, Southern Ethiopia: Community Based Cross-Sectional Study - Pages 202-211
Fentaw Wassie Feleke and Getahun Fentaw Mulaw



Breastfeeding Practices and Dietary Diversity among Infants and Young Children in Rural and Urban-Slum Populations in India: An Observational Study
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