Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy | Volume 2 Number 2

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Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 2, 2013
**All articles are now available with  Open Access

Automatic Versus Manual Solar Panel Cleaning for Remote Locations - Pages 98-105
Lisa Ann Lamont and Lana El Chaar

Design and Techno-Economical Optimization of Wind Turbine Generator System: Under Diverse Metrological Conditions - Pages 106-114
Marangi S. Mbogho and Michael J. Saulo

Nanoporous Silicon-Based Direct Hydrochloric Acid Fuel Cells - Pages 115-118
T.D. Dzhafarov and S. AydinYuksel

Energy Analysis of Small-Scale Ethanol Production from Cassava: A Case Study of the Cassakero Project in Nigeria - Pages 119-129
Elijah I. Ohimain

Study of Biodiesel Production from Sunflower Oil Using Non Usual Basic Polymeric Resin as Catalyst - Pages 130-138
Viviane Fernandes da Silva, Luiz Claudio de Santa Maria, Lenise V.F. Gonçalves, Maurício G. Fonseca and Luciano N. Batista

Stability Analysis and Optimal State Feedback Control of Back-to-Back Converter
- Pages 139-144
Fattah Hassanzadeh, Amin Hajizadeh and Fazel Abbasi

In Vitro Micropropagation of Jatropha curcas L. from Bud Aggregates - Pages 145-154
Samson Daudet Medza Mve, Guy Mergeai, Philippe Druart, Jean Pierre Baudoin and André Toussaint

Private Sector Investment on Renewable Energy Utilization in Developing Countries
- Pages 155-164
Alireza Aslani

Multi-Segment Foam Flow Field in Ambient Pressure Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell - Pages 165-172
Chih-Kai Cheng, Ting-Chu Jao, Pei-Hung Chi, Che-Jung Hsu, Fang-Bor Weng, Ay Su and Tsao Heng

Statistical Modeling for Enhanced Xylanase Production by Fusarium oxysporum SS-25 via Solid State Fermentation of Brewer’s Spent Grain - Pages 173-185
Susheel Singh Rana, Chetna Janveja and Sanjeev Kumar Soni

Kitchen Waste Residues as Potential Renewable Biomass Resources for the Production of Multiple Fungal Carbohydrases and Second Generation Bioethanol - Pages 186-200
Chetna Janveja, Susheel Singh Rana and Sanjeev Kumar Soni

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