International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition | Volume 2 Number 2


Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 2, 2013

**All articles are now available with Open Access

Necrotizing Enterocolitis: An Update on the Benefits of Breast Milk - Pages 79-84
Adam Khader, Julie Gallagher, Megan Woods, Weng-Lang Yang, Ping Wang, Steven Stylianos and Jose M. Prince 

Comparison of the Nutritional Values of Toddler Milks Available in Italy - Pages 85-98
Enrica Riva, Elvira Verduci, Giuseppe Banderali, Maria Elena Capra and Marcello Giovannini

Mode of Feeding in Infancy and its Related Parameters - Pages 99-104
Rafia Bano

Anemia among Adolescent and Young Women in Low-and-Middle-Income Countries - Pages 105-112
Suzumi Yasutake, Huan He, Michele R. Decker, Freya L. Sonenstein and Nan M. Astone

How Significant is Partnership Formation in Area-Based Projects to Increase Parental Attendance at Maternal and Child Health Services? - Pages 113-122
Margaret Kelaher, David Dunt, Andrea Nolan, Bridie Raban and Rae Walker

Factors Associated with Child Health Card Holding among Mothers of Western Rural Nepal: A Cross Sectional Community Based Study - Pages 123-130
Ramjee Bhandari, Mandira Adhikari and Vishnu Khanal

Evaluation of Nutritional Status of Rural Bengalee Primary School Boys (6-9 Years) in Comparison to Indian Children - Pages 131-142
Subrata Dutta and Prakash Chandra Dhara

Maternal Health Care Awareness Among College Girls of other Backward Class of Central India - Pages 143-152
Anjna Nema and K.K.N. Sharma

Living Environs and Nutritional Status of Children from an Urban Indian Slum: An Analysis of Associative Factors - Pages 153-165
Asma Kulsum, A. Jyothi Lakshmi and Jamuna Prakash

Thyroid Autoimmunity and Function in Type 1 Diabetic Children and Adolescents in Armenia - Pages 166-171
L.V. Navasardyan and A.E. Tadevosyan

A Collaborative Approach to Providing Best-Practice Childhood Feeding Guidance - Pages 172-177
Marjorie R. Freedman and Sally J. Gogol

Resemblance of Dinner Meal Consumption among Mother and Preschool-Aged Child Dyads from Families with Limited Incomes - Pages 178-188
Theresa A. Nicklas, Carol E. O’Neil, Sheryl O. Hughes and Yan Liu

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