International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research | Volume 2 Number 1

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Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 1, 2013

**All articles are now available with Open Access

Editorial - Pages i-iv

Use of Natriuretic Peptides as a Guidance for Treating Patients with Chronic Heart Failure: Unresolved Issues and Novel Insights - Pages 1-13
Renato De Vecchis and Claudia Esposito

Time-Dependent Relationships Between Human Brain and Body Temperature After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury - Pages 14-22
Charmaine Childs, Kun Liu, Andy Vail and Jianxin Pan

A Dynamical Study of Risk Factors in Intracerebral Hemorrhage using Multivariate Approach - Pages 23-33
Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui, Junaid S. Siddiqui, Mohammad Wasay, S. Iqbal Azam and Asif Ahmed

Application of Probabilistic Linkage: Compare Health Care Costs among Menopausal Women with Different Symptoms by Linking Women’s Registry & Claims Data - Pages 34-39
O. Baser, L. Xie and J. Du

Impact of Various Effects of Smoking in the Mouth on Motivating Dental Patients to Quit Smoking - Pages 40-46
Takashi Hanioka, Akihito Tsutsui, Mito Yamamoto, Satoru Haresaku, Kaoru Shimada, Takeshi Watanabe, Tadayuki Matsuo and Miki Ojima

Cautions of Using Allele-Based Tests Under Heterosis - Pages 47-54
Bernard Omolo, Hongmei Zhang and Wilfried Karmaus

Development and Validation of Models to Predict Hospital Admission for Emergency Department Patients - Pages 55-66
Bin Xie

Heterogeneity in Preferences for Primary Care Consultations: Results from a Discrete Choice Experiment - Pages 67-75
Alessandro Mengoni, Chiara Seghieri and Sabina Nuti

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