Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology | Volume 1 Number 1


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Volume 1 No. 1, 2012

 ** All articles now availble with Open Access

Polysulfones with Phenylalanine Derivatives as Chiral Selectors – Membranes for Chiral Separation - Pages 1-8
Jun Isezaki, Masakazu Yoshikawa, Nanwen Li, Gilles P. Robertson and Michael D. Guiver

Preparation of a Modified Octadecyl Silica Membrane Disk for Solid Phase Extraction of Lead(II) Ions in Different Real Samples and their Determination with ICP-AES - Pages 9-18
Mohammad Reza Pourjavid and Ali Akbari Sehat

Mathematical Modeling of CO2/CH4 Separation by Hollow Fiber Membrane Module Using Finite Difference Method - Pages 19-29
Ahmad Arabi Shamsabadi, Ali Kargari, Foroogh Farshadpour and Saeed Laki

Influence of External Coagulant Water Types on the Performances of PES Ultrafiltration Membranes - Pages 30-34
Jing He, Lingyun Ji and Baoli Shi

Application of Membrane Technology to Slaughterhouse Blood to Produce Edible Powdered Protein Mixture - Pages 35-42
Maria I. Kokkora, Konstantinos B. Petrotos, Paschalis E. Gkoutsidis and Christos Mpoulmpos

Full-Factorial Experimental Design to Determine the Impacts of Influential Parameters on the Porosity and Mechanical Strength of LLDEP Microporous Membrane Fabricated via Thermally Induced Phase Separation Method - Pages 43-51
Elham Shokri and Reza Yegani

Effects of 4A Zeolite Additions on the Structure and Performance of LDPE Blend
Effects of 4A Zeolite Additions on the Structure and Performance of LDPE BlendMicrofiltration Membrane through Thermally Induced Phase Separation Method
- Pages 52-59
Jin Gu, Aonan Lai, Jun Zhang, Yunxiang Bai, Chunfang Zhang and Yuping Sun

A Computational Model to Estimate the Performance of 8 inches RO Membranes in Pressure Vessel - Pages 60-71

Ali Altaee

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