Journal of Advances in Management Sciences & Information Systems | Volume 2


Table of Contents

Volume 2, 2016


A Scheme for the Study of Discussions in the Social Media - Pages 111-118
Roel Popping

Application of Wald Function to OR and AND Fuzzy Operations in No-Data Problems - Pages 107-110
Houju Hori Jr. and Yukio Matsumoto

Beyond the Big Five: Personality and Job Performance in an E-Commerce Firm - Pages 94-106
Lennart Sjöberg

A Stage Model of Social Media Adoption - Pages 77-93
Aidan Duane and Philip O’Reilly

A General Approach to Panel Data Set-Theoretic Research - Pages 63-76
Roberto Garcia-Castro and Miguel A. Ariño

Application of Fuzzy Numbers to the Assessment of CBR Systems - Pages 53-62
Michael Gr. Voskoglou

‘Hey You? Get Off My Cloud’: Evaluation of Cloud Service Models for Business Value within Pharma X - Pages 48-52
Rana Tassabehji and Ray Hackney

The Importance of Thinking Coherently in Strategic Asset Allocation - Pages 32-47
Philippe J.S. De Brouwer

Multicriteria Model for the Choice of Best Battery Provider - Pages 21-31
María Carmen Carnero and Ana Belén López

Health on a Cloud: Modeling Digital Flows in an E-health Ecosystem - Pages 1-20
Felix Lena Stephanie and Ravi S. Sharma

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