Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science | Volume 9

Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science

Table of Contents

Volume 9, 2020


A Review on Carbon Nanotubes: Preparation, Properties and Applications - Pages 96-103
Md Nur Karim, M.A. Sayed Patwary, S.M. Ashik Abedin, Md Riaj Hossen and Md Saifur Rahman


Effect of Molybdenum Trioxide in the Behavior of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanocomposites Systems Focusing New Systems for Protection against COVID-19 - Pages 89-95
Maria Inês Bruno Tavares, José Carlos Dutra Filho, Tais Nascimento, Gisele Cristina Valle Iulianelli and Pedro Paulo Merat


Interaction of Lipase with Lipid Model Systems - Pages 80-88
Sergei Yu. Zaitsev, Ilia S. Zaitsev and Irina V. Milaeva3


A Review on the Physicochemical and Biological Aspects of the Chitosan Antifungal Activity in Agricultural Applications - Pages 70-79
Cristóbal Lárez Velásquez and Luz Rojas Avelizapa


Preliminary Study on the Biodegradability of Chitosan Films Emulsified with Palm Oils (Aracaceae) from the Brazilian Cerrado - Pages 58-69
Arlete Barbosa dos Reis and Sônia Ribeiro Arrudas


RAFT Polymerization of Styrene with Potassium Ethylxanthate as the Chain Transfer Agent - Pages 50-57
Xinmeng Xu, Xiang Xu, Yanning Zeng and Faai Zhang

Effect of Ageing on the Mechanical Performance of Thermoset Polymers: A Statistical Approach - Pages 42-49
Francisco M. Dos Santos, Lívia Ávila de Oliveira, Alysson H.S. Bueno, Leandro José da Silva, Gilberto García del Pino and Tulio H. Panzera

Properties and Applications of Biodegradable Polymers - Pages 32-41
M.A. Sayed Patwary, S.M. Surid and M.A. Gafur

Innovations in Polymer Applications - Plastic Packaging - Pages 24-31
Diogo Cardoso Rego, Cíntia Sartor, Nicolas Augusto Klayn and Harrison Lourenço Corrêa

Mono- and Bis- Maleimide Resins in Preimpregnated Fibres - Pages 1-23
Heinrich Horacek

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