International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition | Volume 5 Number 2

International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

Table of Contents

Volume 5 No. 2, 2016

 Open Access

Relating Use of Effective Responsive, Structure, and Non-Directive Control Vegetable Parenting Practices to Subscales from the Model of Goal Directed Behavior - Pages 45-55
Cassandra S. Diep, Alicia Beltran, Tzu-An Chen, Debbe Thompson, Teresia O’Connor, Sheryl Hughes, Janice Baranowski and Tom Baranowski

Comparison of Two School Feeding Programmes in Ghana, West Africa - Pages 56-62
Justina S. Owusu, Esi K. Colecraft, Richmond N.O. Aryeetey, Joan A. Vaccaro and Fatma G. Huffman

Effect of Music Interventions on Sedation in Children Undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Clinical Trial - Pages 63-74
Ambika Mathur, Aarti Kamat, Blythe Philp, Jennifer Tabb, Ronald Thomas, Prashant Mahajan, John Caldwell and Deepak Kamat

Use of Stand-Biased Desks to Reduce Sedentary Time in High School Students: A Pilot Study - Pages 75-78
Adam W. Pickens, Mark E. Benden, Drew E. Schneider and Hongwei Zhao

Is Neck Circumference a Marker for Cardiovascular Risk in Obese Adolescents? - Pages 79-85
Bruno Faria, Maria Arlete Meil Schimith Escrivão and Paulo Cesar Koch Nogueira

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