Journal of Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment | Volume 7 Number 1

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Table of Contents

Volume 7 No.1, 2019

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessImpact of Convergence of Smart-Technology as Compared to Traditional Methodological Tools on Fostering Cognitive Aspects of Leadership Competencies in the Process of Vocational Training of Students - Pages 1-8
Oksana H. Oleksiyenko, Oksana M. Martsyniak-Dorosh, Sergii V. Mishyn, Oleksander M. Buryanovatiy and Borys A. Yakymchuk

Identifying Early Developmental Profiles in Children with FXS: A Retrospective Home Videos Analysis 
- Pages 9-20
Nuno Alexandre Gomes Costa and Vítor Daniel Ferreira Franco

Teaching Communication Strategies to Students with Communication Disabilities - Pages 21-26
Yessimgaliyeva Tlekshi, Kurmanbayeva Lyazzat, Anasova Kalamkas, Eshmetova Gulnar and Mukhabayev Nurtaza

Social Issues of People with Special Needs in Modern Mass Media - Pages 27-30
Alma Kurmanbayeva, Larisa Noda, Nurlyaiym Danayeva, Zhibek Nogaibayeva and Klara Kabylgazina

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