Journal of Advances in Management Sciences & Information Systems | Volume 1


Table of Contents

Volume 1, 2015


Development of Deflection Angle Stabilizing System for Balancing Robot - Pages 65-82
Dmitry Fedorov, Andrey Ivoilov, Vadim Zhmud and Vitaly Trubin

Precise Control of Dynamic Object by Combining of the Advantages of Different Sensors - Pages 59-64
Vadim Zhmud, Oleg Yadrishnikov and Vladimir Semibalamut

A Softcomputing Knowledge Areas Model - Pages 47-58
Labib Arafeh and Bashar Mufid

A Neural Network Decision Support System for Analysing Markets - Pages 38-46

Hamed Fazlollahtabar and Maryam Mohseninejad

Rank Preservation and Reversal in Decision Making - Pages 34-37

Thomas L. Saaty

A Unified Framework for Integer Programming Formulation of Graph Matching Problems - Pages 8-33

Bahram Alidaee, Haibo Wang and Hugh Sloan

Integrated Quantitative Business Network Planning: Towards a New Understanding of Supply Chain Management - Pages 1-7

Michael Jahr

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