Veysel Soydal ATASEVEN - Profile

Prof. Veysel Soydal ATASEVEN, DVM, PhD

Active researcher and lecturer with +27 years of experience academicians on graduate and undergraduate levels. Supervised a large number of MSc dissertations. Many of articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals, and presented as oral/poster presentations in international/national congress, in some of which he attended as invited speaker. Currently, his main studies are about virus infections of primary importance in sustainable herd health&management in dairy herds, such as BVDV, BoHV-1 (IBR/IPV-IPB), BoHV-4, BRSV, BPIV-3 in cattle/buffalo, and small ruminant lentiviruses (VMV in sheep; CAE in goat). Prof.Veysel Soydal ATASEVEN (DVM, PhD) is a member of Turkish Society of Immunology and Turkish Veterinary Microbiology Association.
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