Andrea Bragaglio - Profile

Dr. Andrea Bragaglio. Researcher at Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Centre for Engineering and Food Processing. His activities are dedicated to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies of agricultural and livestock systems, animal science, precision agriculture, and 4.0 agriculture. Researcher of Animal Science at University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Department of Veterinary Medicine. Main research interests: techniques and procedures aimed to improve immune response and quality productions in ruminants, adopting agroindustry by-products. A multidisciplinary approach to the assessment of the environmental impact of ruminants, in particular cattle and buffaloes, adopting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method. Teaching activity for animal science and veterinary medicine students, disciplines of sustainable husbandry, precision livestock farming (PLF), and animal science. PostDoc position at Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Centre for Animal Production and Aquaculture, mainly working in precision livestock farming (PLF) about dairy cattle. Ph.D. in Agricultural, Forest, and Food Sciences obtained at the University of Basilicata, School of Agricultural Sciences. He acquired specific expertise in environmental impact with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) criterion, particularly about beef. Specific animal welfare skills were also acquired, mainly about dairy livestock, cattle, buffaloes, goats, and sheep.

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