Peregrino G. Duran - Profile

Peregrino G. Duran
Dr. Peregrino G. Duran
is a Scientist at the Philippine Carabao Center of the Department of Agriculture and an Affiliate Professor at Central Luzon State University in the Philippines. His field of specialization is Animal Reproduction and Breeding, and he engaged in Reproductive Biotechnology research undertakings. His scientific research involved artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis, estrus synchronization, and induced ovulation and embryo transfer. He also does ultrasound-guided ovum pick-up, vaginal cytology, and ovarian palpation/characterization per rectum as well as breeding soundness evaluation and fertility check of water buffalo bulls for AI and natural breeding.

He received his Master's Degree in Animal Science in Reproduction at Central Luzon State University in the Philippines and in Master's in Agriculture - Animal Breeding at Miyazaki University in Japan. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Agricultural Sciences in Animal Breeding from Kagoshima University, also in Japan. He underwent his post-doctorate in Reproductive Biotechnology at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, under the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation. He got a post-doctoral research fellowship from the Philippine-Fulbright Agriculture Scholarship Program in Animal Physiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

Dr. Duran has been assigned as OIC-Center Director at the Philippine Carabao Center of the Department of Agriculture at Central Luzon State University, Head of the National Dairy Business Hub, and Head of the Research and Development Unit. At the Philippine Carabao Center of the Department of Agriculture at the National Headquarters and Gene Pool, he was formerly in charge of the following Units/Sections; Research and Development, Genetic Improvement, National Water Buffalo Gene Pool, Reproductive Biotechnology, National AI and Bull Loan Program and the Dairy Herd Improvement Program of the National Impact Zone. He kept active participation and continuous involvement in numerous research undertakings in animal production, reproduction, breeding, and reproductive biotechnologies, as well as in extension and training programs such that with outputs on research and development papers presented, published, and awards received.
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