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International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

Table of Contents

Volume 6 No.4, 2017

 * This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessHome Environment Characteristics and BMI Z-Score Among Saudi Preschool Children: A Feasibility Study - Pages 123-131
Rana H. Mosli

Growth Rate from Birth to Three Months of Breastfed and Non-Breastfed Infants Delivered in Hospitals at Owo Metropolis - Pages 132-137
R.A. Mustapha, A.A. Oladapo, T.M. Akinola, J.V. Akinlotan and A.P. Oluwagunwa

Ethnopharmacy of Selected Medicinal Plants in a Group of Infants of Educated and Employed Mothers in Amman City - Pages 138-143
Safaa A. Al-Zeidaneen

Determinants of Dietary Patterns and Obesity among Secondary School Adolescents in Harare, Zimbabwe, 2016 - Pages 144-158
Byron Chapoterera, J. Chideme Maradzika, Anesu Marume and Admire Zikiti

Infant Feeding Practices with Oral Health Implications among Suburban Mothers of Tanzania - Pages 159-165
Hawa Shariff Mbawalla and Shadia Majid

International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

Table of Contents

Volume 7 No.2, 2018

 * This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessRethinking Child Protection in Emergencies
- Pages 39-46

Cyril Bennouna, Hanna-Tina Fischer, Michael Wessells and Neil Boothby

Open AccessBeverage Consumption in the Diets of Children is Not Consistently Associated with Weight: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007-2014 - Pages 47-62

Theresa A. Nicklas, Carol E. O’Neil and Victor L. Fulgoni III

Open AccessProject Spraoi: Dietary Intake, Nutritional Knowledge, Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Health Markers of Irish Primary School Children - Pages 63-73

A. Merrotsy, A.L. McCarthy, J. Flack, S. Lacey and T. Coppinger

The Influence of Perinatal Education on Breastfeeding Decision and Duration - Pages 74-81

Corina Zugravu, Michaela Iuliana Nanu, Florentina Moldovanu, Oana Cristina Arghir, Cristina Maria Mihai, Marina Ruxandra Oțelea and Simona Claudia Cambrea

Eating Disorders and Depression in Adolescents: The Impact of Socioeconomic Factors, Family and Peer Relations - Pages 82-96

Goran Livazović and Iva Mudrinić


International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

Table of Contents

Volume 7 No.1, 2018

 * This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessEvaluation of an After-School Obesity Prevention Program for Children - Pages 1-8

Laura Nabors, Kristen Welker, Brandon Pavilack, Myia Lang, Renee Hawkins and Anne Bauer

Open AccessFoundations for Fitness: A Multi-Cohort Pediatric Weight Management Intervention - Pages 9-14

Kyle M. Morrison and Steven Smith

Open AccessMaternal Gestational Diabetes Associated with Higher Child BMI Z-Score at Preschool and Lower Likelihood of Breastfeeding Initiation - Pages 15-21

Rana H. Mosli, Manal N. Al-Lahyani, Amani Najjar, Doaa A. Zoghbi, Rawan H. Al-Haddad and Hala H. Mosli

Open AccessDietary Pattern, Anthropometric Indices and Developmental Milestone of Children Aged 6-60 Months in Peri-Urban Communities East of Nigeria - Pages 22-29
Vivienne N. Ibeanu, Uchenna A. Onyechi, Peace N. Ani and Ozioma A. Omeh

Predictors of Severe Acute Malnutrition among Children Aged 6 to 59 Months Attended out Patient Therapeutic Program Center in Kavre District of Nepal - A Case Control Study - Pages 30-38

Rajan Bhandari, Sangita Kumari Khatri and Khadga Bahadur Shrestha


International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition

Table of Contents

Volume 7 No.3, 2018

 * This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessA Retrospective Comparison between the PNST and other Paediatric Nutritional Screening Tools - Pages 97-101
Vesal Moeeni, Tony Walls and Andrew S. Day

Open Access

Infant Feeding Practices Using Local Flours in Relation to Nutritional Status of Children Aged 6 to 24 Months Surveyed in Maternal and Child Protection Centers of Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) - Pages 102-108

Mandoué Stéphanie Bamba, Grodji Albarin Gbogouri, Edith Adouko Agbo, Dogoré Yolande Digbeu and Kouakou Brou

Malnutrition Incidence and Determination of Effecting Factors at 1-4 Years Old Children in Konya - Pages 109-114
Serap Bati and Fatih Kara

Prevalence of Eating Disorders among Female College Students of Northern Broader University, Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Pages 115-121
Waseem Fatima, Rizwan Fatima and Nida Suhail Anwar

Open AccessNon-Linear Effects of Continuous Predictors on Malnutrition Status of Children in Bangladesh - Pages 122-131
Tasmiah Sad Sutopa and Wasimul Bari