Gerardo Pastore - Profile

Gerardo Pastore is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Pisa, where he is Lecturer of Sociology of Social Control and Deviance; Sociology of Health; Sociology of Globalization. He earned his Ph.D. in History and Sociology of Modernity. Dr. Pastore is the director of KAIROS (together with  Prof. Andrea Borghini),  International Research Group on Social Control, Prisons’ Life, Social Inclusion Processes.

He has conducted extensive research on social change particularly inequalities and social inclusion processes, paradoxes of the knowledge society, university education in prison. His recent scientific publications include: (2021) University education in prison and Convict Criminology: reflections from a field research study (together with  A. Borghini), in Ross J.I. and Vianello F. (Eds), Convict Criminology for the future, Routledge, New York; (2020) Carcere e scienze sociali (Borghini A. and Pastore G. Eds), Maggioli, Milano; (2019) The Dark Side of Knowledge Society: Elements for a Critical Reading of Change Processes in Contemporary Societies, in RTSA; (2018) Inclusion and social exclusion issues in university education in prison: considerations based on the Italian and Spanish experiences, in International Journal of Inclusive Education; (2018) Découvrir la culture en prison: l’expérience italienne des centres universitaires pénitentiaires”, in F. Albertini (editor) Performances de la Culture et Invariants, Sammarcelli, Bastia-Francia; (2017) Carceral Society; Labelling Theory, in Bryan S. Turner (editor), Encyclopedia of Social Theory, Wiley-Blackwell; (2017) Paradoxes of the Knowledge Society. Some Considerations on the Italian Situation, in Athens Journal of Social Sciences.

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