Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics

Vitamin D - Beyond Bones: Its Relationship to Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, and Diabetes
Pages 133-141
Shannon Wongvibulsin, Sondra Vazirani, Zhaoping Li and David Heber


Published: 03 October 2014


Abstract: While vitamin D has long been known as an essential nutrient for the prevention of bone disorders, vitamin D deficiency has recently been linked to a number of chronic disease states. This review analyzes the epidemiological, clinical, and mechanistic data concerning the relationship between vitamin D status and obesity, metabolic syndrome (MetS), and diabetes. The increased understanding of the role of vitamin D has promoted researchers to study vitamin D as a potential target for the prevention and treatment of multiple chronic diseases.

Keywords: Vitamin D, obesity, metabolic syndrome (MetS), diabetes.
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