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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Set Theory and Its Application in Medical DiagnosisPages 70-76

D.S. Hooda, Reetu Kumari and D.K. Sharma


Published: 25 June 2018

Abstract: For finding coherent and logical solution to various real life problems containing uncertainty, impreciseness and vagueness, fuzzy soft set theory is gaining importance. Later on a theoretical study of the intuitionistic fuzzy soft set was developed. The combination of intuitionistic fuzzy set and intuitionistic fuzzy soft set are more useful for application point of view in the field wherever uncertainty due to vagueness appear in more complex form.

 In the present communication the concepts of fuzzy soft set and Intuitionistic fuzzy soft Setare defined as hybridization of fuzzy set and soft set theory. A new method of application of intuitionistic fuzzy soft set is studied in Medical Diagnosis following Sanchez’s approach. A hypothetical case study is also discussed in brief using the proposed method.

Keywords: Fuzzy set, Soft set, Fuzzy soft set, Intuitionistic fuzzy soft set, Medical documentation, Medic diagnosis.

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