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Mesopotamian Buffaloes: Endangered Genetic Resource, Review  -Pages 81-84

Jabbar Khliaf Mukssar Alsaedy and Khalid Al-Fartosi

DOI: https://doi.org/10.6000/1927-520X.2017.06.03.3

Published: 31 December 2017


Abstract: The water buffalo of Iraq are river type (Bubalus bubalis), some scholars think they are most closely related to the water buffalo of India, but white patches which is rather common on the foreheads indicate some influence of Nile breed, this latter influence of course could be quite recent (ALhamadany, 2015), while recent molecular studies referred indicated that Mesopotamian buffaloes were from River type and large animal as well well very large variation between animals and buffalo populations due to absent of genetic improvement (Jaayid and Hamd).There were many historical and archeological studies that had different debate about Mesopotamian buffalo origin still need more molecular genetic studies [1].

Buffalo breeders (Maadan), in Iraq represents living descendants of the ancient Sumerians, divided to Nomads and Villagers [2].These ancient genetic recourses in Iraq, go through many drastic impacts during three decades, environmental, economical and wars, lead to decline of population and breeders displacement [3], that need conservation plans to be adopted and protect this ancient animal, which achieved by Ministry of Agriculture. Baghdad, involved Artificial Insemination project, sponsored by FAO and supported breeders by loans.

Keywords: Mesopotamian buffaloes, Maadan, Marsh drought.


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