Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy

How Does Energy Security Definition Vary Across Nations? A Review of Major Energy Consumers
Pages 73-79
Zhan-Ming Chen, Yuan Chang and Yi-Ming Sun


Published: 15 March 2015Open Access


Abstract: The energy security issue has been paid close attention by many countries owing to the rising energy demand, the limited energy reserve, and the climate change problem. In spite of the broad concern, there is no globally accepted definition of energy security because, for any country, the impact of energy insecurity is highly correlated with its economic status, its resource endowment, its geopolitical partnership, as well as many other nation-specific features. Therefore, by using some of the world's largest energy consuming nations as examples, this article reviews the definitions of energy security and discusses the strategies to enhance it, in order to provide insight for policy makers from different countries. The results find that major energy consuming countries take measures to improve energy security status primarily by improving energy self-sufficiency and increasing energy diversification. Besides, this study also provides suggestion for different countries to take part in international energy cooperation in order to achieve a Pareto improvement of their energy security statuses.

Keywords: Energy security, energy consuming country, international energy cooperation.

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