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Unemployment Duration and Attitudes Towards Work among People Over 45 Years Old
Pages 177-182
Tomas Izquierdo-Rus and Francisco J. Moya-Faz


Published: 19 December 2014


Abstract: The situation of global economic crisis and the rapid increase of the unemployment rate cause changes in people´s attitudes about the labor market. These changes, sometimes, are motivated by the influence of certain individual variables such as the duration of unemployment. The objective of this research is to analyze the mediator influence of unemployment duration in the attitudes towards work among unemployed people over 45 years old. The people who participate in the research are 161 unemployed that agreed voluntarily in taking part in the interview of attitudes towards work. The data took out from the interviews were analyzed with the statistical software ATLAS.ti 6.2. The results demonstrate that unemployment duration plays an important mediator role in the attitudes towards work when conditioning the job search behavior and favor the chances of finding a job. The conclusion is about practical suggestions and the continuity of research in this area.

Keywords: Unemployment, attitudes towards work, unemployment duration, people over 45 years old, qualitative study.
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