Analysis of Socio-Economic Well-Being of Population in Khirthar National Park, Sindh: A Geographical Study - Pages 656-663

Naila Arshad, Khalida Mahmood and Razzaq Ahmed

Abstract: Pakistan’s two-third population lives in rural areas where the dependence on natural resources is foremost. National parks are protected areas where the natural environment is preserved for the future generations. The purpose of this study is to investigate the socio-economic aspects of the people living in such areas. For this a comparative study has been designed by selecting two areas of Kirthar National Park (KNP), Sindh, one within the boundary of park; Core and the other at the transition zone of the park. The data have been collected through extensive field survey and analyzed using correlation technique. The study can be helpful in assessing the interaction that exists between humans and dry natural environment. The results indicate a clear difference in the standard of living of the people living in these two selected areas. Such studies are very important from the point of view of rural development of local communities.

Keywords: Kirthar National Park, natural environment, socio-economic conditions.

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